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How to change the layout of a room with paint

Sometimes you have a room that is just a weird space, it either looks too long, too narrow, too tall or many other things. This blog post will give you examples of how you can change the layout of the room with just paint.

Larger Brighter Room

Painting all of your walls and ceiling a lighter colour will make your room look much larger. The colour will reflect light and just gives an overall larger feeling. This is great if you are working with a smaller space that feels just a little too tight. Some great colour options from Benjamin Moore would be Gray Owl, Windham Cream, Chantilly Lace or Manchester Tan.

Smaller Cozy Room

If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and your room just feels too large and cold then try darker colour. The dark colour will absorb the light instead of reflecting and make the room feel cozy and inviting. Some great colour options from Benjamin Moore would be Kendall Charcoal, French Press, Cushing Green or Hale Navy.

Lengthen Your Room

To make your room look longer you want to paint your walls on the sides with a lighter colour and your ceiling and alternate walls with a darker colour. This would be useful if you have a room that is narrow and looks a little awkward with your furniture in it. It will make your room look longer and more proportional. Alternatively, you can invert the colours and create the opposite effect as shown below.

Narrow Your Room

Make your Room Appear Taller

When you paint your walls a darker colour and your ceiling a lighter colour, it will give the feeling that your ceiling is higher. Making your standard size ceiling feel grander, is usually the case with older homes that have 8-foot ceilings or also great for some basements that have 7-foot ceilings.

Make you Room Feel Shorter

There are two ways you can make your ceiling height feel lower. One way would be to paint your ceiling a darker colour, which will make it feel much closer. The second most popular way would be to divide up the wall, painting the lower half lighter to the top half as shown below. Usually, you will do this with some decorative wainscotting on the lower half. This is usually found in newer homes with ceiling heights are 9 feet or sometimes even 15 feet!

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