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Hanging artwork

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

When it comes to hanging artwork there are MANY rules of thumb you can follow. However here are a few to make it easier to follow.

Hanging height

If you are hanging a single piece of artwork a great idea is to hang at around eye level or just slightly higher or lower. If you are taller make sure not to hang the artwork to the ceiling, stay around roughly 57"-60" from the floor to the center of the artwork. Once you have determined this height make sure to be consistent throughout the rest of your home to create a flow.

Artwork spacing

When hanging multiple pieces of artwork together make sure you use the right spacing. If you hang your artwork too far apart it will take away from the focal point and get lost on the wall. Grouping them closer together with a 2"-5" spacing makes the artwork more pleasing to the eye.


If you plan on hanging multiple pieces stacked on one another you still want to use the same two rules of thumb above. For the hanging height, you want to view the group as a whole. Use the center of the grouping as the center to set at your height.

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