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What is the best Kitchen wall colour?

I hear this question a lot and frankly, it's a hard one to answer. Selecting a colour for your kitchen walls really depends on the look and feel you are trying to create.

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Photo Credit: Sabon Homes

Want Drama?

If you are looking to create a dramatic look in your kitchen then high contrast is the way to go.

Contrast means using colours that are opposite of each other, white vs black. If you have lighter cabinets like white or light grey, you want to use something dark like Benjamin Moore's Deep Royal or even Tucson Teal.

High contrast brings drama adding visual interest to even small spaces. Your eye will naturally be drawn to add impact for a memorable space.

White Kitchen, Calm Kitchen, Kitchen Cabinets, Interior Design
Photo Credit: Ausland Interiors

Want Calm?

If you want a more calming space that is not "loud" then choose colours that have less contrast.

If again you have light cabinets then you will want light walls or if you have dark cabinets then you want dark walls. This will create a calming space that will be easier on your eyes. Even when choosing your accessories you will want select colours in the same neutral pallet.


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