How to style an entryway table

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

When styling your entryway table you really want to think of ease of use when coming home. Nothing is worst than fumbling around in the dark with bags in your hands. I always make sure to include a lamp on my entry tables, ideally something easy to use. I also like to make sure there are quick temporary storage areas such as a basket, drawer or dish. These are great to through your keys in when coming home or even your gloves and hat during those cold months.

Everything after those few key elements are just substance. Adding a vase with branches really gives the space some height. Also, you will notice it is included in a grouping of three items, going with the same theme in my previous posts. They are also stacked on top of a few books to add more definition and texture to the space. By adding different textures and colors that coordinate with each other it makes the space more appealing to the eye. Not only adding the different textures but also including different heights adds additional interest. Lastly adding a mirror or artwork is a great way to add a splash of color or to brighten up the space. A mirror is a great option for a smaller entry, it makes the space appear larger, It also is great for that one last check in the mirror before you walk out the door.

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